Queen of the Thrones® is your resource for premium quality Castor Oil and Castor Oil Packs.

We hope to inspire you to take a simple, organic approach to self-care with nature's original go-to for wellness and beauty practices. Enjoy the ease of versatile, practitioner-grade and third-party tested Castor Oil products you can trust

Our commitment to quality and world-class customer service are the keys to help you feel better and wake up like new every day.


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Your well-being is our number one priority. Period. End of story.
Which is why we create our self-care products with premium materials, high quality ingredients, and advice straight from nature that we use for ourselves and our families.

Organic Cotton

Grown without herbicides, pesticides or genetically modified organisms (GMOs), organic cotton is a pure, breathable fabric which makes it ideal for use on your skin in ALL your self-care practices.

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Castor Oil plant

Organic Castor Oil

100% pure, USDA organic, hexane-free and always bottled in amber glass, Queen of the Thrones® Castor Oil is premium quality, third-party tested and processed with the highest standards.

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And the best part? All our self-care tools have been designed to conveniently fit into your daily routine, making your self-care practice virtually effortless.

Queen of the Thrones® invites you to join us in embracing holistic wellness. We commit to being your trusted companion, guiding you towards a life nourished by nature and powered by you.