100% Organic Cotton Flannel + Strap for Castor Oil Pack
100% Organic Cotton Flannel + Strap for Castor Oil Pack
100% Organic Cotton Flannel + Strap for Castor Oil Pack

100% Organic Cotton Flannel + Strap for Castor Oil Pack

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Looking for a 100% organic option for your Castor Oil Pack practice? This "do it yourself" Castor Oil Pack has everything you need!


  • 1x 100% Organic Cotton Flannel Pad | Double layer of 100% organic cotton flannel with a hemmed border and easy fit slits on each side to thread strap through
  • 1x 100% Organic Cotton Strap | Extra long strap made of 100% organic cotton that easily threads through the slits on the flannel pad and ties around your body comfortably

This traditional style of Castor Oil Pack is designed comfortably hug your curves and is made of 100% organic, unbleached, hypoallergenic cotton.

For use with Queen of the Thrones® Organic Castor Oil (SOLD SEPARATELY). 

*Please note this pack is NOT less-mess and oil will soak through. Always wear old clothing as Castor Oil can stain fabrics. 

You asked, and we listened!

We love innovating our products based on your helpful feedback, and we always strive to incorporate the cleanest materials available on the market!

This is why we are so excited to share with you the all new Queen of the Thrones® 100% Organic Cotton Flannel + Strap!

We designed this specifically to extend the life of your favorite less-mess Castor Oil Pack and provide you with additional support and protection.

The new 100% Organic Cotton Flannel + Strap is made with 100% organic, unbleached, hypoallergenic cotton, that easily comes together to make a cozy, organic Castor Oil Pack

How do you use it?

All you have to do is thread the strap through the holes on either side of your 100% Organic Cotton Flannel!

What’s it made of?

Your Original Castor Oil Pack Kit is:

  1. 100% Organic Cotton Flannel made with:

    • 100% organic, unbleached, hypoallergenic cotton

    • Shaped to comfortably hug your curves

    • Easily fits into Queen of the Thrones® Original Castor Oil Pack

This 100% Organic Cotton Flannel is form-fitting like a second skin. Designed by a naturopathic doctor according to Edgar Cayce’s guidelines for Castor Oil Packs.


Is the 100% Organic Cotton Flannel + Strap messy?

Since this is 100% Organic Cotton, Castor Oil WILL lea through and over time it will become messy. However,you can use the 100% Organic Cotton Flannel as an extra protective layer inside of your favorite less-mess Queen of the Thrones Original Castor Oil Pack to help extend its lifespan.

Please note: Always use fresh oil with each use and replace your Flannel when it becomes saturated for hygiene and ease of use (approximately every 2 months)

Do I have to add heat?

Adding heat to your 100% Organic Cotton Flannel is optional.


Do you ship to Australia, UK, New Zealand or other countries?

We currently only ship to the US and Canada but are quickly working to make international shipping happen sooner rather than later!

How will it ship if I place my order today?

In the U.S. we ship with UPS or USPS.

Usually orders arrive within 5 business days of ordering, however, with high volumes of postage it may take longer.

How can I get FREE shipping?

Shipping on orders over $75 are always FREE!

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