Cleanse-While-You-Sleep Castor Oil Pack Bundle

Cleanse-While-You-Sleep Castor Oil Pack Bundle

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Would you love to wake up like new because you've supported your body's natural ability to cleanse while you sleep? This Bundle is for YOU!


  • Original Organic Castor Oil Liver Pack Reg. price $45.99
  • Organic Castor Oil 16.9 oz (500ml) -  Reg. price $30.97
  • Beauty Sleep Brow & Lash Kit (Circadian Sleep Eye Mask + Organic Cosmetic Castor Oil 100ml [3.38 oz] + Double Ended Applicator Brush)  Reg. price $40.97
  • Make Your Own Easy Beet Juice For Liver Cleansing & Gut Health Recipe Download

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 17 reviews
    Muguette Moreau
    lasted 15 days

    I used it for 15 days . slept with it on for 12 days then it started to leak. I was very careful to not put more tan one spoon of oil per day and never close to the seams then it started to leak. It ruined my sheets. I don't know where a spoon of oil a day is suppose to go, it looks like the pack is stuffed with it. I still use it but not in bed. It changed color both on the outside and in the inside , It really need a cleanse and I can't find clear instructions on how to do it. It was suppose to last 2 months but if I can't wash's ready for garbage.after 2 weeks.
    I do like how I felt afterwards. It seems like my liver is working much better....

    Susan Tom
    Love it

    I love your products, well thought out! Thank you!

    flora miranda
    Castor Oil Eye Health Beauty Kit

    I love the castor oil eye beauty pack. It has improved my sleep, the skin texture improved. Didnt realize the eyes make up such an important part of the face and bring out a women's beauty.

    Liza Friend
    Comfortable, easy to use

    It is a part of my routine now, would recommend it.

    Christina Wilton
    simple and luxurious

    I haven’t used the brow kit for long but from the first night there is a plumpness to my eyes - not puffy, but hydrated. Can’t speak to whether my eyebrows or lashes will be fuller, but I get the sense that wrinkles are fading. And it just feels nice and the mask is comfortable.