Know Your Poo Ebook

Know Your Poo Ebook

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This is a MUST-HAVE for anyone who wants to save time and take control of their health! Know Your Poo details the 11 characteristics A.K.A. ‘Golden Nuggets’ to help you analyze what your poo can tell you in terms of nutrient deficiencies, hormone imbalances, digestive issues and more!

In this ebook you will get:

  1. A Stool Self Assessment 
  2. The ideal, golden standard of stools, a.k.a. The Royal Flush
  3. Explanation of each of the 11 golden nuggets and what they mean in terms of hormone imbalances, nutrient deficiencies, digestive issues and more
  4. Instructions for doing a Transit Time Test

Know Your Poo is the ultimate guide to getting up close and personal with the most important product your body produces, your stools! 

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