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Game Changer!

I'm new to castor oil packs. Have only been using for a week now but I am seeing great results so far. The liver pack has quelled the pain/visceral hypersensitivity I experience during the night with digestion and my IBS/SIBO.

My pack leaked through after only a week of use so I've had to wash it. I was being careful about keeping oil away from the seams, but apparently not far enough away. It would have been helpful to have some marking on the flannel, or an adhesive label of some kind, that indicated where exactly to place your oil on the pack for best results against leaking. Otherwise I am pleased!

Genesis Cleanse Kit
Maria Brancatella
Genesis Cleanse Kit

Great kit and can't wait to use it

Great product so far

Haven’t felt benefits yet

I’ve been using the castor oil pack everyday since purchase barring one weekend away. I enjoy the comfort of it and idea but so far I have not felt any benefits regarding sleep, stools or stress.

Still waiting for results

Not sure if it takes time but I have yet to see results with the wrap that you wear at night by your liver.

simple and luxurious

I haven’t used the brow kit for long but from the first night there is a plumpness to my eyes - not puffy, but hydrated. Can’t speak to whether my eyebrows or lashes will be fuller, but I get the sense that wrinkles are fading. And it just feels nice and the mask is comfortable.


Confused on why the cosmetic oil was sent with the kids pack. Was told they’re made the same so why not just market them as the same to deliver far less confusion.

New pack

Love the size! Helps me with best sleep and bowel movement!


Is a very nice fragrance! Love it

Absolutely love my liver pack and pelvic pack. The packs have been a game changer for digestion issues and the bloat and cramps that I was experiencing prior to my cycle.

I still feel grateful

Getting in the habit of being grateful was not difficult but realizing how gratefulness helps you really is the key.

Thank you for the being so quick at getting it out. Was excited to use it and its been my go to every night - Thanks


Product works as advertised, pack holds well and you feel desired effects after just a few nights while sleeping like a baby ;-)

Very happy with the product

Good price and very happy this is sold in glass bottles!

Castor oil liver pack

My bowel movements are getting better after 21 days although I think it’s too soon to know the full effects. I know that it usually takes about 3 months for new treatments to kick in. I will give another review at that time

Happy with my purchase

Only used once so far and had put on at bedtime and had a restful sleep and a bowel movement in the morning right away! I suffer from bloating with my sibo and felt my stomach was flatter! I will continue this to see if it continues


I love this set! It is mess free and so easy to use!

Love it!

A wonderful product. I love it!

Love it!

Your new liver packs are so much more comfortable! Thanks for the adjustment

Makes castor oil packs super easy

I haven't noticed any profound results but it sure does make doing packs easy!

Hello. Sorry too early to evaluate as I only started using the pack on Sunday, Feb. 27th. One thing I can share is that I purchased separately an organic flannel piece of material which I use to put the oil on and allows me to keep the band clean. Personally I would rework the placement band as the ties are long and depending on how tightly they are tied, can become uncomfortable and dig into the skin. Perhaps adjustable Velcro could be an option. Apart from this, I have high expectations that this product is worth the purchase for the obvious health reasons laid out. Again, I have not been using the product for very long so cannot comment on its effectiveness, however my daughter swears by this and was the reason I purchased it in the first place. I know I will have good results…just have to wait until I have used it for a while.

Castor Oil Kids Pack Kit With Organic Castor Oil

Amazing but moves

I’m a little restless and the pack always bunches. I wonder if thicker strap will be helpful. Love your product though.

Castor Oil Gut Health Kit

It arrived quickly and was packaged nicely. I have been using the pack for almost a month now and have noticed no difference at all.

I’m loving it and now looking to retail it in my store
I’m sleeping better and seeing results. There is defiantly a difference when I don’t use it.