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Castor Oil Pack (Liver)
Louella Ens - Palmer
It is soothing my liver pain & reducing swelling in my diseased liver & whole abdomen

It is also helping my stomach & upper intestine pain & relieving my severe chronic constipation This along with Kefir labs probiotic shots . These treatments are also calming my severe CPTSD . Thank you so much for the gift of increasing health ,I have found the road to recovery after many years , a decade of looking !

My girls knee peoblems

Mess free and amazing ! She actually hasn't woke me up in the middle of the night moaning and groaning , I'm a life time customer ! I'm getting the liver pack for myself , she uses the one I ordered for her knees and it's amazing !

Original Castor Oil Pack (Liver) Kit + Organic Castor Oil?

The packs are well made and very easy to use. I appreciate that the Castor Oil is organic and that it is packaged in a glass bottle. I also love that the packs are 100% organic cotton. Thanks!

Nice package

I have put on the wrap twice now , with the oil and found it very comfortable, but have to be consistent now… Thankyou.


Q of the T has made me a believer in castor oil. Primarily in the inflammation department

The best

Excellent quality! So happy we purchased. We will be buying more!


I found the liver pack very comfortable. No leaks. I could feel the effects of it right away. Very positive experience.

Original Castor Oil Pack (Liver) Kit + Organic Castor Oil


My first bottle I purchased was cold pressed ! The three I received say expeller pressed! Why did you change how it’s processed?

I’m loving my Liver Kit

I’m enjoying my Liver Kit. I just wish the availability in Canada would have been better throughout the Summer.

Castor Oil Pack (Liver)
Gilda Raimondi
Poor customer service

I did not receive my package. It was sent to a wrong address. I contacted customer service twice with my correct address and still have not heard anything.


So thankful that the castor oil was back in stocks!

Wish it came with an instruction card

I wish there was a card explaining to keep the oil away from the edges of the pad…and also was confused at first wether you put fresh castor oil on every night or every couple night! So after doing some research and asking questions…I got the answers! Just wish I knew this when I received my order☺️

Sleeping So Good

Thank you for the castor oil pac! My sleep is much better now!

I can’t say. I still haven’t received my product.

Best ever

Omg, I love this stuff. Definitely the best castor oil on the market.

Best Yet

Game of thrones was the first I purchased of caster oil, changed my life and I was able to get pregnant after using every night for three months. I’m so grateful to this brand, and the teachings I’ve found to learn of all these amazing benefits caster oil has! I’ve tried other brands but this is by all means the best quality ! 🙏


Feel less bloated

Castor Oil Pack (Liver)
Sarah Robinson

I bought this thinking it would protect my clothes from the oil but it leaks all over.

Castor Oil Pack (Liver)

My castor oil has not been delivered so cannot try yet.

Great tool!

Using castor packs can be daunting if you don’t have the right tools. This pack and high quality castor oil takes the guesswork out of this practice. I’m on my second pack already and will continue to buy from this company.

Great Option

I bought it and have used it for a week. Hardly any mess and very simple to use. I would recommend it!

Castor Oil Pack (Liver)
Carol Stephenson
Healing Pack.

My castor oil pack has helped me in many ways. I feel it’s warmth when I apply it & it is helping me with my bowel movements. The best natural help I have had.

So far so good

I have tried my liver pack gradually over the past 4 days and I do feel better…not as bloated and a much flatter tummy.