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Original Organic Castor Oil Pack for Thyroid

Pelvic Castor Oil

Love it, love it and love it!

Absolutely fantastic

I've been using the liver and pelvic kits together for 4 weeks now. The difference in my period is just amazing. This month I had no pain!! And much less bleeding. I'm sure it's helping my fibroids and cysts. Thank you for this great product!

Day & Night Detox Kit
Judith Probert

What a difference Queen of the Thrones and their castor oil has made in my life. I now sleep right through the night with a restful sleep. I feel healthier with the liver detox as well. So thank you for your great product and great information, it's made a definite improvement in my life!

Impressed by quality

I’ve only used the roller ‘dry’ and enjoy its glide. I’m looking forward to doing some real fascia work with castor oil.

Works well on scars too!

I noticed a huge improvement in overnight use on my broken leg and over scar tissue, the hideous surgical scar where they drilled titanium into my leg scar has healed so fast and is very healthy. I dont "feel" any different but the health benefits are obvious

Can’t go without it!

I can’t believe how it’s helped my sleeping and inflammation using the pack . Definitely will be continuing to use ! I use it nightly and notice if I miss a night .

First week review

I've been using the hormone kit for the last 10 days and I've certainly noticed a decrease in inflammation and bloating. Chronic pain feels slightly easier to manage, and my quality of sleep feels a little better. I've used the liver pack almost daily, pelvic 3x, and thyroid 3x. I'm looking forward to trying the suggested 2 weeks liver, 2 weeks pelvic pack and have already recommended the packs to family and friends. 4 stars because I'm still seeing how it goes longterm.

Best product ever

I am so thankful I have found this company and product. I’m feeling great! 10/10 100% game changer

Haven’t received

Hi there, I have not yet received my castor oil pack 😞


Easy to use but ruins my bed sheets

Original Organic Castor Oil Pack for Liver Kit

Love it

Wasn’t sure what to expect but had high hopes .. however it was better than expected. The pads were big .. super soft , the strings were elastic like but cozy as well as more than enough lefty to tie around the body well .. it’s easy .. cozy to keep on all day .. and I was very happy I decided to stop thinking about it and just order it and try it finally .. wish I started sooner .. also very great customer service!

Thyroid pack

I would wear it every evening if I was home more. During my evening wind down, I feel a sense of calm and my skin is happier. Cheers

Liver Pack

I love this product. It has been a life saver. As I am healing and detoxing, I feel like I have more energy.

So Far so Good!

I've been using it everyday since getting the pack, maybe missed 2-3 days. I'm still giving it at least a month to give a full review. But let's just say, if you have a hard time sleeping, or going #2. Definitely give it a try! Can't wait to see more results. Thank you!!

I love my castor oil packs

I love my castor oil packs and use them every night. I feel enveloped in a castor oil hug. Wonderful. Thanks, Heather

Very disappointed

I did not experience anything with the packs!

Genesis Cleanse Kit
Lori Prest

It’s a little messy but gets easier each time you use it.


Easy to use. No noticeable effect yet.

the product was delivered promptly and in tact.

this product will be used later so no current review is available. the service was great, prompt and the product looks good.

Original Organic Castor Oil Pack for Thyroid Kit

Happy with the purchase

Great quality product, fast shipping. Happy with the purchase.