Your Easy Colon Cleansing Support System For Hormone Balance

The missing piece to help you get your body into balance - Uma B.

"The Castor Oil Pack for Liver is amazing. After using this, I slept like a baby. I honestly feel 100 times better. I would recommend this for anyone dealing with digestive issues, hormonal imbalance, cortisol dysregulation, and many more. You won't regret it!"
- Uma B.

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The Natural & Gentle Colon Cleanse You’ve Been Searching For!

Your Queen of the Thrones® Colon Cleansing Support Kit is here so you can support…

  • Gentle cleansing, lymphatic drainage, liver detox & hormone balance
  • Better sleep, renewed energy & less stress as your body shifts into a natural state of ‘rest & digest’
  • Constipation relief & a healthier microbiome!

Sounds wonderful, agreed?

Naturally support balanced hormones by enhancing liver detox,
lymphatic drainage & colon cleansing

“I'm a believer!”

I've had my Castor Oil Liver Pack for about a week now and am already noticing the benefits. I bought it to help balance my peri-menopausal hormones and address ovarian cysts (won't know for sure if it's helping the cysts until my next ultrasound). I've already noticed a significant reduction in abdominal bloat and breast tenderness/swelling. I usually have a tender lymph node in my right armpit during this phase of my cycle and it's totally fine. No tenderness or swelling!
- Tanya Edwards