Grateful Dung™ Bracelet Description

I encourage you to use this bracelet to implement this simple gratitude practice with your Grateful Dung Bracelet before meals:

  1. Before eating, hold onto the black obsidian Swarovski crystal dung beetle bead
  2. Name 3 things you are grateful for
  3. Repeat this before every meal

Try to name at least 3 things every time and do your best to find different things you are grateful for. As you do this practice it will become clear that there are many! This simple act is a way of calming down and easing the body into a relaxed state, priming your digestive tract for the benefits of your meal. This simple practice allows you to reduce stress in your life and ultimately brings you closer to your goal of a happy, healthy lifestyle.

The bracelet measures about 9 inches (22 cm) around the wrist.