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Part 1 | The Great System Reset 

  1. Feeling like a prisoner in your own body
  2. Is the castor oil pack system ‘woo woo/snake oil’?
  3. How does this ritual reset our entire system?
  4. The vital importance of balancing stress
  5. What it feels like to do a castor oil pack

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Doctor Marisol smiling


Dr. Marisol Teijeiro, ND, BA | Medical Mystic & the Queen of the Thrones™ 

  When I was in my early 20s, I had so many symptoms. Ones you may be experiencing as well! On top of those symptoms I was feeling stuck, helpless & lost.

 I visited my fair share of naturopathic doctors who, of course, put me on the standard superfood cleansing diet. I ate these foods... But ended up feeling worse! The discouragement actually became a gift! It's what guided me to become a naturopathic doctor and find a solution. 

I learned that no two patients are alike and all of those superfood cleansing diets  I had been recommended in the past were FULL of my own personal food sensitivities. I needed a very specific protocol... Unique to ME! Just like you need the same for you. I'm SO happy you are here with me to Choose Your Own Diet Adventure!