Gut Feelings Ebook


The sensation of tension builds in the middle of your body, like an atomic bomb in the making. Sometimes the sensation is joyous excitement, like butterflies fluttering & tumbling about. Other times it's an uncomfortable, ominous gurgling and restlessness that rumbles, accompanied by the irritable sensation of electrical trickles throughout your body.

Everything seems to stem from the center of your body. Are these feelings based on your emotional or physical state? Introducing... your GUT FEELINGS. I want you to get to know them and understand their humble, subtle communications. How well are you listening? And do they predict your health state? After all, the greatest wealth is gut health.

In this comprehensive, humorous and easy-to-digest ebook, you'll discover the 3 secrets that transform your gut from “I feel off” to “I feel good”. You will learn how to get to the root of your toots, how to mind your gut and RELIEVE yourself from the uncomfortable, embarrassing feeling of being bloated, loaded, foggy and exploded! 

The Gut Feelings ebook includes:

  1. A gold mine of information on gut health curated over years of practice and research in the natural health industry
  2. Royal Feast Guidelines - a visual guide to model your plate for awesome poops!
  3. Majestic Magnesium Bowel Movements guide
  4. Queen of the Thrones Royal Health Practices
  5. Detailed instructions on how to implement these powerful health practices in your life TODAY!

This ebook is Your Blueprint to Gut Health.

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