Day & Night Detox Kit
Day & Night Detox Kit
Day & Night Detox Kit

Day & Night Detox Kit

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Your new Day & Night Detox Kit has the tools you need for a lymphatic cleanse and liver detox to support your hormonal balance this season. 

It’s an easy and gentle supplement-free self-care routine that helps you achieve:

  • Better sleep
  • More regular bowel movements
  • Youthful-looking skin
  • Less bloating 
  • Less stress

So you can FEEL better! 

*This routine is foundational and enhances any other food or supplement-based cleanse or regime you are already doing.

How it works:

  1. Original Organic Castor Oil Pack for Liver Kit: Wearing a castor oil pack to bed moves the body into the parasympathetic ‘rest & digest' and encourages circulation to your liver via nitric oxide, enhancing cleansing at the time of day that is best (while you sleep!).

  2. Castor Oil Eye Compress Kit: Wearing an eye mask to bed at night promotes melatonin to naturally support your circadian rhythm and help you get a deep, good night’s sleep. When you sleep better, you cleanse better.

    3. Castor Oil Lymphatic Dry Brush: The gentle friction of a dry brush on your skin in the morning supports lymphatic cleansing to help wake you up! 

You save 18%! 

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Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Judith Probert

What a difference Queen of the Thrones and their castor oil has made in my life. I now sleep right through the night with a restful sleep. I feel healthier with the liver detox as well. So thank you for your great product and great information, it's made a definite improvement in my life!

Can’t go without it!

I can’t believe how it’s helped my sleeping and inflammation using the pack . Definitely will be continuing to use ! I use it nightly and notice if I miss a night .

Krista Ruf
Awesome product

I have chronic Lyme disease and detoxing is so important for me. Especially detoxing my sluggish liver. I have been diligent at putting it on every night and feel lighter. Its only been a couple weeks but I do notice a difference In how I feel. Plus I get bad back pain so I have been using it across my back when the pain is at a high. I wake up with less pain and more agility. Thanks so much. Amazing product

Muguette Moreau
lasted 15 days

I used it for 15 days . slept with it on for 12 days then it started to leak. I was very careful to not put more tan one spoon of oil per day and never close to the seams then it started to leak. It ruined my sheets. I don't know where a spoon of oil a day is suppose to go, it looks like the pack is stuffed with it. I still use it but not in bed. It changed color both on the outside and in the inside , It really need a cleanse and I can't find clear instructions on how to do it. It was suppose to last 2 months but if I can't wash's ready for garbage.after 2 weeks.
I do like how I felt afterwards. It seems like my liver is working much better....

Susan Tom
Love it

I love your products, well thought out! Thank you!